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MG6S Plus Series

Indoor Rental Led Display

  • Pixel Pitch: 1.9 / 2.6 / 2.8 / 3.9 / 4.8 / 5.2mm

  • Cabinet Size: 500 x 750 x 73mm

  • Operating Environment: Indoor

Wise Choice for Indoor Rental

The world’s first application of nano polymer materials in the field of LED screen, the cabinet is tough and strong, light and easy.

The Anti-collision Ability Increased by 50%

Adopt linear secondary adhesion process strengthen the adhesive force of LEDs.

Light Weight

The cabinet is light and thin, which saves time and effort for installation.

Front and Rear Maintenance

Hard connection wireless design is adopted inside the cabinet, the back cover is designed with pin, and modules, power supply and receiving card which can be removed and replaced quickly

Outstanding Image Quality

Elaborately selected brand LEDs and high gray high refresh IC, matching with superior control system, and adopting HDR technology, screen could reach 18 bits gray scale.


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