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Wise Choice for Indoor Rental

MG6S Pro – Magic Stage Series

Hot Models : P2.6 / 2.84 / 3.9 / 4.8

Lights up the colorful world, Creates more business value

The competitive advantage for your stage rental, meeting room, ballroom…

Anti-collision ability

Uniform Heat Dissipation

Light and Thin Cabinet

Creative Shapes



The Anti-collision Ability Increased by 50%


Heat Dissipation

Adding the heat conduction balance system to release the heat of each working IC and LEDs effectively and evenly, which can reduce 3-4℃ for the IC and LEDs at most.


Light and Thin Cabinet

(Polymer nanotechnology material)

Easy to be carried and installed, more suitable for rental use. Used as sky curtain, more easier and safer installation.


Easy and Fast Maintenance

Modularized design, cable-less design. Front and rear maintenance.The cabinet can be replaced out of the whole screen.


Real Visual Reappearance

Selecting full black LEDs and high gray high refresh IC, matching with superior control system, and adopting HDR technology, screen could reach 18 bits gray scale.


Double backup correction data

Support module flash management, intelligent module management, and double backup correction data.


Creative Shapes

The unique design of cabinet structure and connector to realize inner and outer curve, S shape etc.