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MG7S Cube Series

  • Pixel Pitch: 3.9mm

  • Cabinet Size: 500 x 500 x 73mm

  • Operating Environment: Outdoor & Indoor


MG7S Cube Series-Right Angle Splicing, More Creativity

Multiple Splicing

MG7S cube can quickly complete the splicing of 90 degrees right angle and large screen. It can also be connected with MG7S series cabinets to achieve more shapes.

Creative shapes

The MG7S Cube series allows for the creation of various shapes, including cubes, L-shapes, and U-shapes. By splicing with the Creative-Extended Series, it is also possible to create shapes such as numbers, letters, graphics, and more.

Superb Anti-collision capability

Superb Anti-collision capability Adopting the special treatment for each LED lamps to make its thrust better, deliver a stable and reliable performance.

Indoor and Outdoor Multi-Use

The contrast ratio can reach 10000:1, adjustable brightness from 800nits to 4500nits and consistent gray scale. Pixel density up to 65536 dots/m², the IP rate is IP65. Adequate to be used indoor or outdoor.

High Compatibility, Saving Costs

The spare parts and conventional screen materials can be used in common, high compatibility, saving procurement and management costs.

Ingenious Structural Design, Easy and Fast Maintenance

The modular design deliver a easy and fast maintenance, and make the repair more convenient.

Application Scenarios

Indoor and outdoor concerts, award ceremonies, celebration meetings, sports events and other rental applications.


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