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MG7S – Magic Stage Series

100% coverage of LED screen rental applications for stage performances and sports events.

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Four highlights


Right-angle side design, easier operation


Superb craft design, anti-collision upgrade


Stable cabinet structure, super load bearing capacity


Adopting full view mask, it can be shot by 360 degree

Improved Anti-collision Function

  • Improved Anti-collision up to 60N
  • Improved Anti-collision Function 2 times
  • It enhanced the stability of LED screen greatly.

Adhension reinforcement process 60% ↑

Common design

Improved design

Strong bearing capacity

Cabinet weight 5.9kg can bear 3.3t

Strong Tensile Force

Tensile force of cabinet reaches 1.6t

Hanging height10m

Full View Design Outstanding Display

Adopting full view mask when using for dance floor, no color bias, no color block , and no image distortion. the audience coverage is much wider.

Contrast ratio 8000:1

Customized brand LEDs and high refresh, high gray IC, combined with high quality system, it can achieve HDR display.
The image is colorful, stable and delicate.

Low contrastHigh contrast

Switch indoor and outdoor mode

RGB response range is wide. LED lamp, PCB boards, and color of the mask in proper match,when adjusting the brightness
between 800-4500nitsgray scale remains, the color is even.

Muti-hole Design

Left and right dislocation

Up and down dislocation

Front and back dislocation

Modulation Design

Convenient & Fast

3 separate parts: module, drive system, power supply

change cabinet = change module

Creative Shapes

Creative Shapes MG11-M16extension series, can make many creative shapes such as numbers 0-9, letters A-Z, heart, etc.








Variety of creativity


Make the stage more colorful


Product value-added


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